Meet Cally

The owner and creator of HSP

That's me on the left! It took me a long time to realize that something you create for fun could be a life-long treasure for someone else.  Holly Springs Productions was a passion project that was established in 2015. 

I love skinny vanilla lattes, Disneyland, dance floors, and the Chicago Bears.  I worked full-time in the medical field for eleven years before moving to Colorado Springs with my Husband, where I am currently the Video Coordinator for U.S. Figure Skating.  

Since establishing Holly Springs, I have made life long friendships with my sweet couples and their families.  I cherish the front row seat you allow me to have when we work together to save the moments that mean the most.

Photo by April B Photography


Where did you get the name?

Cally M. Falcocchia Productions was just too difficult, but it was important for me to have meaning behind the name I chose.  I'll never forget the day I received video editing software for the first time.  It was after watching a Christmas video my Dad's long time friend had made of his family.  He could see that I was enamored by the way he was able to edit the video footage.  He gave me the software to download so I could give it a try.  I haven't stopped making videos since.  I mean, I literally started making my first video that day on the car ride home.  You could find me making family videos, music videos, numerous college videos for the organizations I was involved with, and of course family weddings.  I'm not sure I would have found my love for videography if it wasn't for that day, visiting my Dad's long time friend, in the little town of Holly Springs, North Carolina.  Holly Springs Productions was born in memory of Kirby Davis (1955-2013).